Your first step to a greener organization.
 Your First Step To A Green Organization.
Each month, eco-strideTM features profiles of Professionals, Partners and Projects that make an important contribution to the success of our philosophy, methodology and the movement to green initiatives. We hope you will seek more information about the features in this section of our site, and inquire about working with the professionals we spotlight. 

VCA Green, Orange, CA

VCA Green is recognized throughout the state of California as a leader in CALGreen and is recognized nationally for its sustainability consulting. The firm delivers expert consulting and technical services for green building certification and provides complete sustainable services from project conception through building operations. 

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We Green, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Our mission is to provide customers with a path towards achieving more a sustainable future. We Green Energy Solutions is solutions based and action oriented.  We don’t just tell you how, our team will work together with you towards your goals to ensure you get the results you are looking for.  We consider each client a partner and believe that your success is all of our success.

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Vaha Sustainable Energy, Anaheim, CA

Vaha Sustainable Energy is an energy optimization company. We know that energy, finances and the environment are competing forces that every company must balance. We specialize in using solar power systems, energy consulting and LEED certification to help your company achieve that balance, while we maximize your savings and your ROI in the most sustainable way. 

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Tamaayowut LLC, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Which means Mother Earth in the Acjachemen (ah-ha-shah-mon) language is a Native American - Owned and Operated Business.

The company is owned by Ed Nunez and John Nunez of Seminole and Tohono O’odham descent and Jacque Nunez of Acjachemen - California Mission Indian descent. Our business is dedicated to the preservation of all Mother Earth's resources.

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Castle Press, Pasadena, California

The Castle Press serves the printing needs of organizations in many industries. Founded in 1931 as a printer of fine limited-edition books, it has grown into a commercial printing company widely recognized for the meticulous attention it devotes to the quality of its products—and for the flexibility and speed its leading-edge technologies allow.

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AM Solar, Solano Beach, California

Our team of solar industry veterans, finance experts, experienced electrical contractors and educators understand the unique opportunities educational institutions have when it comes to solar energy. We create and implement innovative solar energy solutions for our partners. Our offerings are expertly crafted for your campus and your community. 

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Healthy Buildings, Lake Forest, California

Healthy Buildings works with building owners and managers to optimize indoor environments, increase operating efficiencies and lower business risks.  The result is a more sustainable building and an improved bottom line for our clients.  We do this with hands-on inspections of building systems, detailed reporting and world-class communications. 

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Mission Landscape, Irvine, California

Mission provides landscape architecture, development, maintenance, water management, tree-care and environmental services to multiple markets includingCommercial & CorporateRetail / Mixed UseLifestyle / NeighborhoodResort / HospitalityMaster Planned Community,Multi-Family/ Senior LivingEstateAthletic FieldsMunicipal, and Green / Sustainablewith a focus on sustainability, design, customer experience and return on investment.

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Solatube, Vista, California

Solatube® Daylighting Systems are recognized for their ability to help design professionals achieve their LEED® and ENERGY STAR® accreditation goals. Adding natural daylight to every project has become critical to the success of many of the world’s greatest sustainable design achievements

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Sage Hill School, Newport Coast, California

The students and faculty of Sage Hills School, a private High School in Newport Coast, California, are working with Eco-Stride to create a student-run Eco-Fair in the Spring of 2011. The process of developing the fair will be a learning experience for the students, and the resulting event will bring new attention and interest to the topics of sustainability, environmentalism and community service. Participants in the Sage Hill School Eco-Fair will include private corporations, educational institutions and non-profit entities. 

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OC Arts Center, Orange County, California

OC Arts Center is working to establish a community art studio in South Orange County where artists can share their knowledge of the visual arts with the community. The non-profit organization will offer a rich selection of educational programs, studio space rental, and regular exhibitions.

Their vision is for a 9,000-10,000 sq. ft. fully equipped facility where creativity will thrive. The center will expectedly be located in or around the Dana Point / San Juan Capistrano/ San Clemente area. There are many such art studio co-ops located throughout the United States, yet there is currently nothing like this in South OC where so many artists reside. Eco-Stride, LLC is involved in making this dream a reality and consulting on the environmental aspects of the project while this fine organization is creating something that will serve the community for years to come.

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Post-Agency Advertising, Santa Ana, California

Location: Santa Ana, California
Building Type(s): Single Story, Residential with Detached Garage
50% Existing Structure, 50% Renovation
1900 Square Ft
Project Scope: Single Story Residential, Interior Renovation
Suburban Setting, Residential Neighborhood
Projected Completion date, February 2010

Post-Agency Advertising is a creative agency formed by a partnership between two owners, Dene' Sanders and Tim Yeo. The building was purchased and renovated to accommodate the owners and a staff of designers and artists. The existing residential living space has been repurposed for workspace, including 2 offices, a central meeting room and a partially enclosed conference room. The existing kitchen is utilized as the office kitchen/break room with restored appliances from the era of original construction. 

The recommended improvements include eco-friendly lighting and natural light to replace standard residential lighting, a dual-flush toilet in the single restroom, low-flow aerated faucets in the kitchen and restroom that provide a reduced flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute (gpm), which translates to a 32 percent water savings, and reclaimed water and drip irrigation around the exterior of the building that reduces consumption of potable water. Drought-tollerant native plants are used in the surrounding landscape. 

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Savannah's Organic Ranch Foundation Offices, Aliso Viejo, California

Location: Aliso Viejo, California
Building Type(s): Single Story, Light Industrial Lease
50% Existing Structure, 50% Renovation
2,000 Square Ft
Project Scope: Single Story building, Interior Tenant Improvements
Urban Setting, Industrial Park
Projected Completion date, February 2010

Savannah's Organic Ranch Foundation is a non-profit corporation established in the name of Savannah Sachen, a young girl who died of a rare form of cancer in 2008. Its mission is to carry on the dream of Savannah, and develop an organic ranch as an educational center and source of organic produce for the surrounding community. 

The recommended tenant improvements include eco-friendly lighting and natural light to replace standard industrial fluorescents, dual-flush toilets in the office restroom, low-flow aerated faucets in the kitchen and restrooms that provide a reduced flow rate of 1.75 gallons per minute (gpm), which translates to a 32 percent water savings, and reclaimed water and drip irrigation around the exterior of the building that reduces consumption of potable water. 

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