Your first step to a greener organization.
 Your First Step To A Green Organization.
Eco-Stride, LLC offers a wide range of sustainability services, all supported by our staff of industry professionals and with our extensive Eco-Stride Professional Network, including:

Energy Auditing    
LEED Consulting    
EnergyStar Certification    
Environmental Design

New Building Commissioning     
Existing Building ReCommissioning    
Efficiency Plans

We follow a proven and trusted methodology, providing our customers with what we term a 4 AView. The result is a fully documented assessment of each site, and a thorough analysis of the factors that impact the organization's consumption of energy and materials, and the conservation programs that will conserve these limited resources. Once complete, Eco-Stride offers an optional marketing communications program, termed GreenReach Marketing. Through this approach, Eco-Stride will show your organization how to communicate to its clients, partners and internal staff, the important steps you are taking to bring sustainable practices to your business. 

A complete branding and marketing program will communicate your organization'scommitment to sustainability and green business practices.  Reach your clients, vendors and the surrounding community. Eco-Stride's GreenReach Marketing group provides an entire program, from creative concept to professional execution of a strategic plan that is custom-tailored to your business and marketplace. We have a talented group of designers, copy writers, and web developers who will work with you to plan and execute the most effective marketing strategy.  

Your GreenReach program will spread the influence of your organization's commitment to the environment, and create a favorable position that will add to your return on the investment you have made in sustainability. 



eco-stride™ is continually building a network of LEED AP (Accredited Professionals) and other Sustainability Professionals in markets across the country. We choose first to utilize local resources to 
reduce travel expenses, streamline our processes and minimize the impact to the environment. If you 
are a LEED AP and would like to be considered for future projects, go to to join the new Eco-Stride Professional Network.