Your first step to a greener organization.
 Your First Step To A Green Organization.
eco-stride works with commercial clients, completing a comprehensive evaluation of their physical site, business practices and employee perceptions of the organization's operational impact on resource consumption and the environmental. We follow a methodology that has been developed and refined to deliver a powerful and persuasive analysis of the operation, fully documented with our 4A View. The process is custom tailored to each individual client, and takes them through the steps of Assessment, Audit, Analysis and Actualization.


The professionals at eco-stridework with key stakeholders in your organization to establish the parameters of your assessment. Once the stage is set, we work with representatives in your organization to gain a clear perspective of how you operate and where our work will have the greatest impact for a positive return. In every case, the needs of your organization are considered first and foremost. 

Going forward, eco-stride continues the relationship we have built with your organization to ensure that the steps you have taken to becoming a greener organization continue. As the business environment changes, so should your organization. The only constant should be your dedication to sustainability, with the goal of continued green business practices. 


eco-stride™ is continually building a network of LEED AP (Accredited Professionals) and other Sustainability Professionals in markets across the country. We choose first to utilize local resources to 
reduce travel expenses, streamline our processes and minimize the impact to the environment. If you 
are a LEED AP and would like to be considered for future projects, go to to join the new Eco-Stride Professional Network.