Your first step to a greener organization.
 Your First Step To A Green Organization.
Eco-Stride, LLC brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project we develop. By utilizing the expertise of our local staff resources and extensive network of industry professionals through the Eco-Stride Professional Network, we are able to offer a full range of services, including energy audits, LEED Consulting, EnergyStar Certification, environmental design, and resource consumption assessments. 

Every engagement follows our strict process, refined over years of best practice development. 
eco-stride has established a 4-step process for assessing your site, concluding with recommendations for corrective measures. We call it our 4AView, and have developed this methodology to heighten efficiency and cost effectiveness for your organization, and reduce the use of limited natural resources. 


                             ASSESS your project in person to determine its scope. 
ANALYZE the results of your assessment and audit. 
AUDIT the factors that impact the project requirements. 
ACTUALIZE a plan to implement corrective measures.
Each step in the 4A process is thoroughly documented, and provided complete with a proposal for corrective measures and a detailed cost benefit analysis.

Eco-Stride is a customer-focused partnership that leads by example, employing the very practices we recommend to our clients, and requiring those practices from our partners and contractors. Our goal is to carefully control the use of energy and materials, to continually strive to improve our business practices, and to pass along the benefit of our experience to our clients and partners. Some immediate differences you will notice when doing business with eco-stride:

  1. All Documents are maintained and distributed electronically 
                to reduce the use of printing devices, paper and inks. 

        2. Whenever possible, meetings are held via teleconference or 
            video conference to reduce the use of travel resources.

           3. Our partners are required to meet the same high standards of 
    efficiency and integrity we strive for, so our work is accurate, 
    consistent and competitive. 

This Is Our Commitment to the Environment, Our Partners, and Your Organization. Take the first step...